Korfbal Vereniging Scheveningen (KVS) is the largest and friendliest korfball club in The Hague and Scheveningen.

  • KVS/Groeneveld Keukens participates in the korfball competition with teams ranging from 4-year-old kids (Kangaroo Club) to senior level teams. Training and coaching instructions generally are in Dutch, but most trainers are also comfortable in English. Teams train twice a week and participate in competition on Saturdays.

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    The rules of Korfball can be quite daunting for a first timer! Fortunately there’s is a great video explaining pretty much every rule in the game.


    Korfball is a fast paced mixed-gender ball sport, originating from the Netherlands. It’s a very dynamic game and similar to netball and basketball in its playing style. It is played in over 40 countries around the world.

    Check out this video from the International Korfball Federation.

    Teams are composed of 4 men and 4 women who work together to outscore the opposition. They are divided into two halves of 2 men and 2 women, known as a division. One division attacks whilst the other defends, each on a separate side of the court. Whilst the ball is in the other half players can rest, ready for the next burst of play on their side.

    Every 2 goals the divisions change over though, so players must be adept at both offensive and defensive play.

    It’s often credited as the most inclusive sport out there, as every single player on the pitch needs to contribute to be successful!

    It’s a very fun, quick and tactical game, which focuses on teamwork above anything else.


    In addition to korfball training (twice a week), matches (on Saturday) and tournaments, we organize many social activities. There is always something going on, whether it be our youth camp (the best week of the year), our pub quizzes, our game nights or our awesome dance parties.


    Our teams participate both in an outdoor and an indoor season. In September, October, April and May we train and compete outdoors in Westbroekpark, Cremerweg 2. The indoor season runs from the beginning of November until the end of March. De Blinkerd is our home sports hall but we also train in other indoor locations in Scheveningen.


    We currently have over 450 members. Fun and a great social atmosphere are important to us, as is performance. The club is run by volunteers. So when you become a member, we also expect you to take on some volunteer duties.

  • COST

    The membership fee depends on your age and your playing level and is collected in terms by means of direct debit. You can find the membership fees hereMost relevant fees in this table are those for the youngest ones (“Kangoeroes”) and for those aged 7-18 (“Overige A t/m F”). We also collect a clothing contribution to partly cover the clothing costs as paid by KVS, which has been set by the board at 10 euros per season. Terminating the membership must be done before May 15th. After May 15th, the membership will be automatically renewed, and the annual fee for a non-playing member is due (“niet-spelende leden”), increased by a fine of 15 euros.


    KVS/Groeneveld Keukens wants to develop the talents of all children. Youth players therefore train twice a week, on the same fields and with the same materials. One session is with their entire age group and the other one is with their own team. We also use the joint-training sessions for trainer consultation and individual trainer development.


    We are very proud of our korfball club. That’s why we want to share our enthusiasm with you. Come and find out what we’re all about!

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    If you have any questions or want more information about the club, please send an email to werving@kvskorfbal.nl.

  • Frequently asked questions

    Can I join the practice sessions a few more times?
    Yes, feel free to do so. And if it turns out that you like korfball, you can become a member. Once you are a KVS member, you will be assigned to a team.

    How often do I train when I am a member of KVS?
    Most teams train twice a week.

    When do I play matches?
    All teams play matches on Saturday. The youngest teams play mainly in the morning. All future matches will be published on the KVS website. Hence, you will always know in advance when and where upcoming matches are played.

    Do I play korfball both indoor and outdoor?
    Yes, our teams participate both in an indoor and an outdoor season. In September, October, April and May we train and compete outdoors in Westbroekpark, Cremerweg 2. The indoor season runs from the beginning of November until the end of March. De Blinkerd is our home sports hall but we also sometimes train in De Poort and De Vuurtoren.

    Where do I play matches on Saturday?
    Regarding the matches on Saturday there are home matches (at KVS; 50% of the matches) and away matches (in the vicinity of The Hague/Scheveningen; also 50%).

    Do I have to substitute players in other teams if I am a member?
    It can sometimes happen that another team does not have enough players to play a match and hence that we add you to that team as a substitute player for that particular match. Similarly, we ask players of other teams to play in your team if your team is not complete.

    Can I skip sessions?
    You are expected to be present at all training sessions (on weekdays) and matches (on Saturdays). If you are unable to be present due to, for example, holidays, you must unsubscribe well in advance, such that we can arrange substitute players for the match on Saturday. Also for a training session you must unsubscribe (via the team’s app group).

    How is transport to away matches arranged?
    A “driving roster” is published such that you know when it’s your turn to drive (once every few weeks). 

    Are there any volunteer tasks assigned to parents?
    All parents are expected to run a bar service on Saturday twice per season.

    What should I wear?
    To be able to play comfortably outdoor, it is necessary to purchase shoes suited to artificial turf. Indoor shoes are needed for the indoor season. For the matches on Saturday, a KVS shirt is provided to you at the start of the season for the entire year; you will need to hand it in again at the end of the season. You need to buy a pair of black shorts/a skirt yourself.

    Does KVS also organize other activities than korfball?
    Yes, we regularly organize social activities for both children and parents/adults. 

    How can I become a member?
    If you like korfball after a few training sessions, you could fill in the digital application form to become a member of our club. To be assigned to a team for next season, you must have done so before June 1.

    What is the duration of my membership?
    You are a member for an entire season. If we do not receive a cancellation before the end of the season, the membership will be extended by one year.